2022-2023 - Semester 2


Administrative Staff

Name Position Phone Extension Email
Mr. Tyson Maxwell Principal 40885 [email protected]
Mr. Colin Bowins Vice-Principal (A-G) 40887 [email protected]
Mrs. Brae Montgomery Vice-Principal (H-M) 40899 [email protected]
Ms. Melony Lapp Vice-Principal (N-Z) 40888 [email protected]


Office Staff

Name Position Phone Extension Email
Ms. Andrea Boden Attendance 40893 [email protected]
Mrs. Amy Briscoe Operations Assistant 40890 [email protected]
Mrs. Tanya Hart Office Assistant Guidance 40894 [email protected]
Ms. Kathleen Murphy Office Assistant - Reception 40800 [email protected]
Ms. Suzanne Santin Office Assistant - Bussing
40892 [email protected]
Ms. Tanya Thornton Senior Administrative Support 40889 [email protected]


Guidance, Student Success, Library and Social Work

Name Position Office Extension Voicemail Extension Email
Mr. Ted Wilson Guidance Counselor (surnames A-C) 40896 55317 [email protected]
Mrs. Leslie Crawford Guidance Counselor (surnames D-J, R) 40897 40897 [email protected]
Ms. Laura Glass Guidance (surnames S-T), Student Success, SERT 40898 40898 [email protected]
Ms. Stacey Larmon Student Success 40862 40862 [email protected]
Mrs Joanne McLaurin Co-op, Student Success 40861 56077 [email protected]
Mr. Tom Fontaine Teacher-Librarian (Curriculum Leader) 40900 55246 [email protected]
Denise Lynch Lacroix School Social Worker 40886 40886 [email protected]


Classroom Teachers

Name Department(s) Office Extension Voicemail Extension Email
Mr. M. Alexander Business 40860 55018 [email protected]
Ms. C. Armstrong 56808 40855 [email protected]
Mrs. Kristen Bach Family Studies/Social Science (Curriculum Leader) 40853 55055 [email protected]
Mr. J. Beer Canadian & World Studies 40915 55057 [email protected]
M. Bhangal [email protected]
Mr. Joe Bilton Science 40910 55148 [email protected]
Mrs. Sarah Boddington English 40804 [email protected]
Mrs. A Bolen Technology - Health Care (Co-Curriculum Leader) 56896 [email protected]
Mrs. Elizabeth Botman Science and Special Education 40910 55937 [email protected]
Mr. Chris Boulton Science (Curriculum Leader) 40910 57005 [email protected]
Mr. Rob Broley Business (Curriculum Leader)/ Co-Op 40860 55095 [email protected]
Mrs. Alexandra Callicragas Science 40910 [email protected]
Mr. R. Champagne English 40855 59476 [email protected]
Mr. J. Chase Arts (Visual) - Dept. Co-Curriculum Leader 40847 55109 [email protected]
Mr. N. Chaykowsky Physical and Health Education, Science [email protected]
Ms. Jessica Chittick Social Science & Family Studies 40853 55123 [email protected]
Mrs. Jenna Cochrane Special Education, Life Skills [email protected]
Mr. D. Court English, Special Education (SERT) 55139 [email protected]
Ms. Andrea Cowie Mathematics 56327 [email protected]
Mr. Brad Darlington Science (Curriculum Leader) 55240 [email protected]
Mrs. Erin Dawson English (Curriculum Leader), Social Science 40855 55241 [email protected]
Mrs. E. Dominic Technology 57762 [email protected]
Mr. Jeffrey Dominic Business 40860 56619 [email protected]
Mrs. Tasha Dye Math 40931 58284 [email protected]
Ms. K. Ferguson Arts (Visual) 40804 [email protected]
Mrs. Lorna Gillies English (Asst. Curriculum Leader), Arts (Music) 40855 55333 [email protected]
Ms. Katie Gilmor Physical and Health Education/Science [email protected]
Mr. Mike Goss Technology 40804 55251 [email protected]
Mrs. Patricia Grace Simcoe Academy - RVH CYMH Day Program 55252 [email protected]
Mr. Rob Grant Business [email protected]
Mr. Sven Hafner Technologies 58381 [email protected]
Mr. D. Hand Mathematics (Curriculum Leader) 40931 55254 [email protected]
Ms. Frances Hannigan Resource Teacher - Period 1 40867 [email protected]
Ms. Val Hargreaves Mathematics/Physical and Health Education 40931 55255 [email protected]
Mr. P. Harmathy Arts (Visual) 55256 [email protected]
Mr. C. Harris Technology 40821 55089 [email protected]
Mrs. S. Hitchin Family Studies and Special Education 40804 59275 [email protected]
Mrs. Lori Hodgson Science/Physical and Health Education 40851 55258 [email protected]
Mme Erica Huften Languages 40915 55934 [email protected]
Ms. C. Ierullo History 40844 55261 [email protected]
Mr. Peter Kalbfleisch Physical and Health Education (Athletic Director) [email protected]
Mrs. Candice Kane Physical and Health Education, Special Education(SERT) 40840 56148 [email protected]
Mr. Brandon Keller Social Science and Family Studies - LTO 40853 [email protected]
Ms. Esther Kelly Physical and Health Education 40848 55263 [email protected]
Mrs. Joy King English and Spanish 40855 55102 [email protected]
Mr. David Knott English 40855 55267 [email protected]
Ms. Nicole Knudsen Family Studies 40853 [email protected]
Mrs. Paula Kowalchuk Arts (Music and Visual), Canadian & World Studies 40903 56287 [email protected]
Mr. M. Kucharski [email protected]
Mr. J. LaRose Mathematics 40931 55269 [email protected]
Ms. Samantha Luscombe English, Family Studies 40853 57972 [email protected]
Ms. J. MacMillan English, Family Studies 40855 [email protected]
Mr. W. Magno ISP, Life Skills 40872 [email protected]
Mrs. Sarah McCarthy Mathematics 40931 57648 [email protected]
Mr. S. McClinchey Technology and Computer Studies (Curriculum Leader) 55277 [email protected]
Mrs Joanne McLaurin Co-op, Student Success 40868 56077 [email protected]
Mr. J. McLean Mathematics 40931 57194 [email protected]
Ms. J. McManus English and ESL 40855 [email protected]
Mr. J McWhirter Science [email protected]
Mr. C. Misener Physical and Health Education 40846 55281 [email protected]
Mrs. Alicia Murphy French (Curriculum Leader) 40945 [email protected]
Ms. J Nesbitt Special Education and Arts (Dance) 40844 [email protected]
Ms. K. Newman Arts (Drama) 40847 [email protected]
Mr. C. Pearsall Careers and Civics 40804 55991 [email protected]
Ms. B. Pereira Mathematics 40931 55213 [email protected]
Mr. P. Radley 40831 55855 [email protected]
Ms. M. Rallis Canadian & World Studies 40915 55290 [email protected]
Ms. M. Sander Business 40860 [email protected]
Ms. Kathryn Scholz Mathematics and Physical Education [email protected]
Mr. M. Severn Physical and Health Education (Curriculum Leader) 40846 55296 [email protected]
Ms. Stephanie Silvester Special Education Resource Teacher 40868 55299 [email protected]
Mme Erin Sooley French 40915 55300 [email protected]
Mr. Dave Stewart Arts (Music), Computer Studies 40903 57724 [email protected]
Mrs. Cindy Szentes Cooperative Education (Curriculum Leader) 40861 55306 [email protected]
Ms. K Thomson Special Education (Curriculum Leader) [email protected]
Mr. Q. Tizzard Mathematics 40931 55309 [email protected]
Ms. L. Wareing Geography / Careers & Civics [email protected]
Mr. Scott Webb Canadian & World Studies (Curriculum Leader), Library 40945 55311 [email protected]
Ms. Megan White Science [email protected]
Ms Lisa Wills English 40857 [email protected]
Mr. R. Wilson Canadian & World Studies / Technologies 40915 55316 [email protected]
Ms. Allison Zeeman Special Education, Life Skills 40833 [email protected]
Mr. D. Zervos Geography 40945 [email protected]


Educational Assistants

Name Email Address
Ms. B. Barth [email protected]
Ms. A. Bathgate [email protected]
Ms. T. Beauregard [email protected]
Ms. C. Bryant [email protected]
Ms. S. Corbett [email protected]
Ms. K. Davison-Graham [email protected]
Ms. S. Gil [email protected]
Mr. P. Hillyard [email protected]
Ms. L. Maloney [email protected]
Ms. A. McDonald [email protected]
Mrs. R. Mercer [email protected]
Mr. Northrop [email protected]
Mrs. J. Rae [email protected]
Ms. N. Rozo Rodriguez [email protected]
Ms. C. Siesling [email protected]
Ms. S. Sutherland [email protected]
Mrs. N. Willison [email protected]