2023 -2024 Semester 2


Administrative Staff

Name Position Phone Extension Email
Mr. Tyson Maxwell Principal 40885 [email protected]
Mr. Colin Bowins Vice-Principal (A-G) 40887 [email protected]
Ms. Gina Nicoletti
Vice-Principal (H-M) 40899 [email protected]. ca
Ms. Melony Lapp Vice-Principal (N-Z) 40888 [email protected]


Office Staff

Name Position Phone Extension

Attendance 40893
Ms. Joy Douglas Office Assistant - Reception 40800
Mrs. Tanya Hart Office Assistant Guidance 40894
Ms. Kathleen Murphy Operations Assistant 40890
Ms. Suzanne Santin Office Assistant - Bussing 40892
Ms. Tanya Thornton Senior Administrative Support 40889


Guidance, Student Success, Library and Social Work

Name Position Office Extension Voicemail Extension
Mr. Ted Wilson Guidance Counselor (surnames A-C) 40896 55317
Mrs. Leslie Crawford Guidance Counselor (Curriculum Leader surnames D-K) 40897 40897
Ms. Laura Glass Guidance (Curriculum Leader surnames L-Q) 40895 40895
Mrs. Rose Paemurd Guidance (surnames R-Z) 40898 40898
Ms. Stacey Larmon Student Success 40862 40862
Mr. Tom Fontaine Teacher-Librarian (Curriculum Leader) 40900 55246
Ms. G. Yeomans School Social Worker 40886 40886


Classroom Teachers

Name Department(s) Office Extension Voicemail Extension
Mr. M. Alexander Business 40860 55018
Mrs. Kristen Bach Family Studies/Social Science (Curriculum Leader) 40853 55055
Mr. J. Beer Canadian & World Studies 40915 55057
Ms. S. Bellamy
Mr. Joe Bilton Science 40910 55148
Mrs. Sarah Boddington English 40804
Mrs. A Bolen Technology - Health Care (Co-Curriculum Leader) 56896
Mrs. Elizabeth Botman Science and Special Education 40910 55937
Mr. Chris Boulton Science (Assistant Curriculum Leader) 40910 57005
Mr. Rob Broley Business (Curriculum Leader)/ Co-op (Co-Curriculum Leader) 40860 55095
Mrs. Alexandra Callicragas Science 40910
Mr. J. Chase Arts (Visual) - Dept. Co-Curriculum Leader 40847 55109
Mrs. Christina Chase-Nugent English/Social Science 40855 55823
Mrs. Vanessa Chapman  Special Education 40866 57041
Mr. N. Chaykowsky Physical and Health Education, Science
Ms. Jessica Chittick Social Science & Family Studies 40853 55123
Mrs. Jenna Cochrane Special Education, Life Skills
Mr. D. Court English, Special Education (SERT) 55139
Ms. Andrea Cowie Mathematics 56327
Mr. Brad Darlington Science (Curriculum Leader) 55240
Mrs. Erin Dawson English (Curriculum Leader), Social Science 40855 55241
Mrs. E. Dominic Technology 57762
Mr. Jeffrey Dominic Business 40860 56619
Mrs. Tasha Dye Math 40931 58284
Mrs. Lorna Gillies English 40855 55333
Ms. Katie Gilmor Physical and Health Education/Science
Mr. Mike Goss Technology 40804 55251
Mrs. Patricia Grace Simcoe Academy - RVH CYMH Day Program 55252
Mr. Rob Grant Business
Mr. Sven Hafner Technologies (Co-Curriculum Leader) 58381
Mr. D. Hand Mathematics (Curriculum Leader) 40931 55254
Mr. P. Harmathy Arts (Visual) 55256
Mr. C. Harris Technology 40821 55089
Mrs. S. Hitchin Family Studies, Social Science and Physical Education 40804 59275
Mrs. Lori Hodgson Science/Physical and Health Education   55258
Mme Erica Huften French 40915 55934
Ms. C. Ierullo History 40844 55261
Mr. Peter Kalbfleisch Physical and Health Education, Special Education (SERT)
Ms. A. Kapteyn 56425
Ms. Esther Kelly Physical and Health Education 55263
Mrs. Joy King English and Spanish 40945 55102
Mr. David Knott English 40855 55267
Ms. Nicole Knudsen Family Studies 40853
Mrs. Paula Kowalchuk Arts (Music and Visual), Canadian & World Studies 40903 56287
Mr. M. Kucharski
Mr. J. LaRose Mathematics 40931 55269
Mrs. Islay Levene Science 40910 57026
Ms. Samantha Luscombe English, Family Studies 40853 57972
Ms. J. MacMillan English, Family Studies 40855
Mr. W. Magno ISP, Biology, Physical Education 40872
Mrs. Sarah McCarthy Mathematics 40931 57648
Mr. S. McClinchey Technology and Computer Studies 55277
Mrs Joanne McLaurin Cooperative Education (Co-Curriculum Leader) 40861 56077
Mr. J. McLean Mathematics 40931 57194
Ms. J. McManus English and ESL 40855
Ms. A. Mir English  40855  
Mr. C. Misener Physical and Health Education 40846 55281
Mrs. Alicia Murphy Languages- French & German (Curriculum Leader) 40945
Ms. J Nesbitt Special Education and Arts (Dance) 40844
Mr. C. Pearsall Careers and Civics 40804 55991
Ms. B. Pereira Mathematics 40931 55213
Ms. Rita Pieniniemi English & Arts (Drama) 40855
Ms. M. Rallis Canadian & World Studies 40915 55290
Mrs. Kristen Roth Science 40910 56812
Ms. M. Sander Business 40860
Ms. Kathryn Scholz Mathematics and Physical Education
Ms. Stephanie Silvester Special Education Resource Teacher 40868 55299
Mme Erin Sooley French 40915 55300
Mr. Dave Stewart Arts (Music), Computer Studies, Math 40903 57724
Mr. Steve Thiele-Kuntz Geography, World History, Civics and Careers 40945 55693
Ms. K Thomson Special Education (Curriculum Leader)
Mr. Q. Tizzard Mathematics 40931 55309
Mr. M. Trunzo Science and Math 40910  
Ms. A. Warner
Mr. Scott Webb Canadian & World Studies (Curriculum Leader), Library 40945 55311
Mr. Jeff Wells Science
Ms. Christina Williamson Athletic Director, Geography, Outdoor Education 40945
Mr. R. Wilson Canadian & World Studies / Technologies 40915 55316
Mr. D. Wiwchar Physical and Health Education, Life Skills
Ms. Allison Zeeman Special Education, Life Skills 40833


Educational Assistants

Ms. B. Barth
Ms. T. Beauregard
Ms. C. Bryant
Ms. M. Cowan
Mr. P. Hillyard
Ms. L. Maloney
Ms. E. Mason
Ms. A. McDonald
Mrs. R. Mercer
Mr. Northrop
Mrs. J. Rae
Ms. Christina Siesling
Mrs. N. Willison