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Sports & Clubs

We offer a range of sports, clubs and activities at our school. These activities are run by volunteers—our own staff—often with the help of parents or other community members.

Participating in sports and clubs is a great way for students to meet peers with similar interests. It's also a chance for students to explore their interests or discover a new skill.  

Some activities have a cost associated with them to help cover the cost of transportation and other resources. A student will not be excluded because of financial challenges. Please visit the office if you need assistance.


Fall SportsWinter SportsSpring Sports
Junior Boys FootballJunior Boys BasketballJunior/ Senior Badminton
Senior Boys FootballSenior Boys BasketballSenior Boys Rugby
Junior Boys Volleyball
Junior Girls VolleyballVarsity Girls Rugby
Senior Boys VolleyballSenior Girls VolleyballJunior Boys Rugby
Junior Girls BasketballWrestlingSenior Girls Soccer
Senior Girls BasketballAlpine SkiingMountain Biking
Cross Country RunningSwimmingJunior Tennis
Senior Boys SoccerGirls and Boys CurlingUltimate Frisbee
Senior Boys GolfNordic SkiingTrack and Field
Varsity Girls GolfJunior Boys Golf
Senior Girls Flag Football
Junior Girls Flag Football
Senior Tennis

The Arts

  • Choir and Orchestra - See the Ensembles page of our Eastview Music website for details
  • Drama Club - Fridays after school - Mrs. Bennett
  • Dance Team - Ms. Revelis

Other Clubs and Organizations

  • Student Government - Ms. Cain
  • Link Crew
  • Games Club - Mr. Harmathy
  • Green Team - Wednesdays after school - Mr. Boulton
  • GSA - Wednesdays after school - Mrs. Kowalchuk
  • Knitting Club - Tuesdays after school - Ms. Kelly
  • Martial Arts Club - Mr. Fontaine
  • Robotics - Wednesdays after school - Mr. McClinchey
  • Eastview Student Bible Study - Mrs. Goddard
  • Video Games Club - Fridays after school - Mr. Holla
  • ESL Support - Lunch periods - Mrs. King
  • Math Contests - Mrs. Peverill