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Staff List 2020-2021

​Administrative Staff

Name ​Position ​Office Extension ​Email
Mr. Jim Sammon
Mr. Harry StegengaVice-Principal (A-G)
Mrs. Brae MontgomeryVice-Principal (H-M)
Ms. Melony LappVice-Principal (N-Z)

Office Staff

Name​Position​Phone Extension​Email
Ms. Andrea
Mrs. Amy BriscoeOperations
Mrs. Cheryl JacksonOffice
​Ms. Kathleen MurphyAttendance Secretary​40893
Mrs. Tanya WilliamsonSenior Administrative

Guidance, Student Success, and Library

​Name​Position​Office Extension​Voicemail Extension​Email
Mr. Ted WilsonGuidance Counselor (surnames A-Cox)
Mrs. Leslie CrawfordGuidance Counselor (surnames Craig-J)
Ms. Erika GarrettGuidance Counselor (Dept. Chair, surnames K - Power)
Mrs. Rose PaemurdGuidance Counselor (surnames Presa-Z)
Mrs. Stacey LarmonStudent
Mr. Tom FontaineTeacher-Librarian (Dept. Chair)

Classroom Teachers

Name​Department(s)​Office Extension​Voicemail Extension​Email
Mrs. Kristen BachFamily Studies/Social Science (Dept. Chair)
Mr. G.
Mr. J. BeerCanadian & World
Mrs. Elizabeth BennettArts (Drama) - Dept.
Ms. D. BerubeCanadian & World
Mr. J.
Mr. Chris
Mr. Rob BroleyBusiness (Dept. Co-Chair)
Mr. D. BushellPhysical and Health
Ms. Katie CainPhysical and Health
Mr. R.
Mr. J. ChaseArts (Visual) - Dept.
Mrs. Christina
Ms. Jessica ChittickFamily
Mme Erin
Mr. D. CourtEnglish, Special Education (SERT)
Ms. Andrea CowieMathematics
Mr. Brad DarlingtonScience
Mrs. Erin DawsonEnglish, Social
Mrs. E. DominicTechnology
Mr. Jeffrey DominicBusiness
Mrs. C. DraperScience (Dept. Chair)
Mrs. Tasha
Mrs. Lorna GilliesEnglish (Asst. Dept. Chair), Arts (Music)
Mr. R. GledhillBusiness (Dept. Co-Chair)
Mrs. Alison GoddardLanguages (French)
Mr. Mike GossTechnology
Mrs. Tara GrigoriadisCooperative Education (Dept. Chair)
Mr. Sven HafnerTechnologies
Mr. D.
Ms. Val HargreavesMathematics/Physical and Health
Mrs. A Harmathy Learning Centre
Mr. P. HarmathyArts (Visual)
Mr. C.
Mr. Ross HarveyCo-operative
Mrs. S. HitchinSpecial
Mrs. Lori HodgsonSpecial Education, Science
Mr. William HollaCanada and World
Ms. C. IerulloLearning
Mrs Allyson
Mr. Peter KalbfleischPhysical and Health Education (Athletic Director)
Ms. Esther KellyPhysical and Health
Mrs. Joy KingEnglish, Spanish, Lead Literacy
Mr. David KnottEnglish
Mrs. Paula KowalchukArts (Music and Visual), Canadian & World Studies
Mr. J.
Mrs. Islay
Ms. Samantha LuscombeEnglish, Family Studies
Mr. D.
Mme Jennifer
Mrs. Sarah
Mr. S. McClincheyTechnology and Computer Studies (Dept. Chair)
Mrs Joanne McLaurinSpecial Education,
Mr. J. McLeanMathematics
Ms. Ashleigh McPheeLanguages
Mr. C. MisenerPhysical and Health
Mrs. Amy
​Mr. Rob O'Neill​
Mrs. Rose
Ms. B.
Mrs Lisa PeverillMathematics (Dept. Chair)
Ms. M.
Mrs. Maria RevelisArts (Dance)
Miss. April
Mrs. Kristen
Ms. N. Rulff
Ms. Alexandra RuyterScience, Canadian & World Studies40910
Mr. M. SevernPhysical and Health Education (Dept. Chair)
Ms. S. Shortreed
Ms. Stephanie SilvesterSpecial Education Resource
Mrs. Erin SooleyLanguages (Dept. Chair)
Ms. V. StamSpecial Education (Dept. Chair)
Mr. Dave StewartArts (Music), Technology (Computer)
Mrs. Carolyn
Mrs. Cindy SzentesCooperative
Ms. A.
Mr. Q.
Mr. B. Trayling
Mr. Cameron VipondSpecial
Mr. Scott WebbCanadian & World Studies (Dept. Chair),
Ms. Christina WilliamsonTechnology - Healthcare40806
Mr. R. WilsonCanadian & World
Mr. Nicholas WrightCWS (History)

Educational Assistants

​Name​Voicemail Extension
Ms. T. Beauregard55321
Ms. C. Bryant55007
Ms. A. Bylow 
Ms. S. Corbett58384
Mr. Rick Forget
Mr. P. Hillyard56716
W. Jacobsen58675
Ms. L. Maloney55344
M. Mazzawi55396
Ms. A. McDonald55396
Mrs. R. Mercer 
Ms. K. Middlebro55393
Ms. J. Rae55924
Ms. Christina Siesling