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Computer Studies

​Our Computer Studies courses provide students with a foundation in computer science. If interested, students can expand their learning to a more advanced level. Technology plays a significant role in our society, and the range of career options in technology is vast and growing. Students are encouraged to try Computer Studies courses to determine if this is an area of interest for them.

There are many courses offered in Computer Studies.

  • Computer Engineering

  • Computer Programming

  • Computer Science

Computer Science is essentially computer programming but with a greater focus on advanced algorithms.

These are the Grade 10, 11, and Grade 12 options for all of the above.


Grade 10 Technology

Grade 10 Introduction to Computer Studies

Grade 11 Engineering
(No Prerequisite)

Grade 11 Introduction to Computer Science
(No Prerequisite)

Grade 11 Introduction to Computer Programming
(No Prerequisite)

Grade 12 Engineering

Grade 12 Computer Science

Grade 12 Computer Programming

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