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The "Webb"site

Mr. Webb’s Page (aka “The Webbsite”)

Welcome to Mr. Webb’s page.  Here you’ll find information about Mr. Webb and, more importantly, the courses he teaches.  You’ll also have access to some links and other info that may be useful to you, whether you are a student or parent.


 About Mr. Webb

Mr. Webb has been teaching History at Eastview for the past fifteen years.  He is currently the Chair of the Canadian & World Studies Department.  He teaches History, Civics, and Social Sciences, but specializes in Canadian History (including pre-Confederation Canada).

If you had Mr. Webb as a teacher in grade 10 and enjoyed the class, consider taking CHI 4U1 (“Canadian History, Identity, and Culture”) in grade 12.  It’s the perfect course for anyone planning on taking History at the post-secondary level.  It’s also a tonne of fun (in what other class would you get to see action figures of Isaac Brock, John A. Macdonald, and Wilfrid Laurier?)!

Contact Info


phone: (705)728-1321 ext. 55311

For Parents

Here are links to the most up-to-date Canadian & World Studies curriculum documents:

Grades 9 & 10 (revised 2013)

Grades 11 & 12

For Students

  • Interested in the history of Canada?  Ever wonder how it all got started?  Click here to view “The 72 Resolutions”.  This was the blueprint laid out by John A. Macdonald and the other fathers of Confederation, which formed the basis for modern Canada.
  • More of a “war historian”?  Check out this link.  It will let you hear the 1942 radio broadcast in which Prime Minister Mackenzie King addresses the public regarding his plans for Conscription.
  • Terrorists in Canada?!  It’s true.  Long before 9/11, Canada faced its own, homegrown terror threat.  They were known as the FLQ and they ran roughshod over Canada and, specifically, Quebec in an attempt to gain independence for the province.  The Prime Minister at the time, Pierre Trudeau, was forced to invoke The War Measures Act.  It gave the government sweeping powers over suspected terrorists.  Click here to watch Trudeau announce his intention to implement martial law in Canada.

BBC World War One “Trench Warfare Simulator”

“Over The Top” Trench Warfare Simulator

Canadian Black History Virtual Museum

How to Find Mr. Webb

Mr. Webb is available during periods 3 and 5 this semester.  If you need to speak to him, you’ll likely find him in the history office (room 245) during these periods.

Captain Obvious says…

“If you spend some time studying, you’ll do better on your tests than if you didn’t study.”

“You’ll get a better mark on your essay if you start working on it early, instead of leaving it until the last minute.”

Final Exams

Period 2 History - Friday, January 23 at 8:30 a.m. in our classroom

Period 4 History - Monday, January 26 at 12:00 noon in our classroom


“The Man Who Wanted To Know Everything”

Christopher Columbus

The Cold War - Cuba

The Cold War - China

Online Resources

Log in to your course online by clicking here.


You know those dusty, paper-filled things sitting nicely on shelves in our library?  They’re called BOOKS and YOU need to know how to find them, use them, and cite them!  Click on the “Library Link” on the school’s homepage, then enter a topic in the “LS2 PAC” search field at the top of the screen.  Miraculously, you’ll get a list of all the materials Eastview’s library has on that topic - cool!  You can do this from any computer, any where, any time!

You’ll also need to have some understanding of the “dewey decimal system” to locate these resources.  Click here to play a fun activity that teaches you all about the dewey decimal system!

Need MORE convincing that the Library is where it’s at?  Watch this!


History Fun Corner!

Separated at birth? See if you can tell which of these photos is of a young Joseph Stalin and which is ’80s pop sensation George Michael…


 <————— Click photo for answer                                         Click here for answer


Wow - another great season.  The Boys’ Varsity Baseball team followed up last year’s SCAA Finals appearance by making it to the semi finals this year. The Wildcats beat the undefeated, defending champions Nottawasaga Pines 13 - 3 in the quarters, then beat the Collingwood Fighting Owls 4 - 1 in a barn-burner!  Alas, despite a valiant effort, the boys fell 8 - 4 to the St. Joseph’s Jaguars in their bid to return to the finals.  Mr. Webb would like to thank the entire team, especially our grads, for another phenomenal season.  Click the paw print below for standings, schedules, and stats.


Wildcats Baseball in the News

Click here and the photos below to read the latest press our Boys Baseball team has been getting.



Essay Help

When you are writing an essay for one of Mr. Webb’s history classes (or any history class, for that matter), you’ll be asked to include both a bibliography AND in-text citations.  These citations are often what cause  students the most problems.  The preferred citation method for history classes is “Chicago Style Citation”.  Click this link for help with the proper use of Chicago Style Citation.

Try this fun game You Quote It, You Note It.  It’s very useful if you want to avoid plagiarism.   


Missed some or all of the NFB docu-drama “The Kid Who Couldn’t Miss”?  Click here to view it in its entirety.  It would be wise to view this if you’re writing Mr.Webb’s CHI 4U1 final exam!

Celebrate Good Times!

The 2013-2014 NHL season was another successful one for Canada’s greatest hockey team.  Making it to the conference finals for a second time in the last 5 years is pretty impressive - so celebrate!  A big thanks to Wildcat Alum Nikki Taylor who whipped these up to celebrate Mr. Webb’s birthday.  Thanks Nikki (and go get ‘em this season Habs!)




Want to view a piece of pure Canadiana?  Click the image below to watch Roch Carrier’s “The Hockey Sweater.” 


Lights, Camera, Action!

Check out Mr. Webb’s acting debut here.  The short film is called “My Dead Grandmothers” and was produced by Mr. Harmathy and Eastview’s Filmmaking Club.


Think Mr. Webb’s obsession with the Montreal Canadiens is unhealthy?  Think again!  A recent poll revealed the Habs are “Canada’s Team.”  Click the logo below to read the full article.




                                                                 Mr. Webb’s Cat - Colby Webb