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Canadian & World Studies

​The Canadian and World Studies Department offers a range of compulsory and optional courses. We aim to provide students with a deeper understanding of our country and the world.


Eastview now has access to some great online research resources. Go to the Library page to access all of our materials. For a quick link to the Proquest History Study Centre, click on the icon below(you’ll need to know your logon and password, which you can get from Mr. Fontaine):

Cool History Websites!

Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History - this is a neat site about some strange cases from the annals of Canadian history. Check it out:

Historical Atlas of Canada - A fantastic source for all kinds of maps of Canada. Plenty of cool interactive features. A cartophile’s delight!

Framing Canada - A Photographic Memory - Great site with photographs of many subjects dating back to the mid-1800s. Great for research projects - but be sure to cite your sources! Check it out at:

Canada in the Making - This site contains a wealth of documents relating to First nations, Immigration and Canadian government. Have a look at

Digital History - For those interested in U.S. history. A tremendous resource.

Cool Old Books! - The Ontario Time Machine is full of neat image, sound and text links to old primary sources. Check it out!

World War One Links for Grade 10

Use this link when doing the WWI Weaponry Activity Sheet:

Use this link when completing Part 1 of the Grade 10 Internet World War I Research Assignment: .

Use this link when completing Part 2 of the Grade 10 Internet World War I Research Assignment: .

Use this link to access the Canadian War Museum’s interactive World War One adventure, ‘Over the Top’:

Canada in the 1920s and 1930s

This link provides insight into employment trends in Canada from 1926 - 1936: .

Use this page to complete the statistics Canada assignment for Canada during the Depression:

Pictures of the Great Depression: Here you’ll find a small collection of photographs of various aspects of life in Canada during the Depression.

The Great Depression in The Canadian Encyclopedia. This article is an excellent overview of the subject, and includes many useful links to other topics relating to the Depression.

World War Two Links

Democracy at War: Canadian Newspapers and the Second World War. This online exhibition created by the Canadian War Museum holds a fascinating record of WWII as reported in Canadian newspapers.

Armoured Warrior. This is another interactive activity created by the Canadian War Museum. You are a Sherman Tank commander in the final days of the Normandy Campaign in Europe in 1944.