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 Grade 10 Business Courses

​​​​​​​​​​BBI2O1 Introduction to Business:​
Open ​​Prerequisite: None

Create & Run a Business - All Profits Go To Charity!
This course is focused on teaching students how to create a business that designs, manufactures, markets and sells a product — all while keeping track of finances. These skills are vital to creating financially responsible citizens who can collaborate and communicate effectively. The project addresses basic math skills and gives students the opportunity to apply math in an authentic, real-world context using different technologies. 

​This course builds students’ competency in critical thinking and problem solving, collaborationcommunication and community — and provides opportunities for creativity. Students must think critically as they consider each step of the entrepreneurial cycle and what will allow them to be the most successful, profitable company. They must use problem solving skills throughout the project: deciding how much stock to sell to the Venture Capitalists, deciding how much raw materials and other supplies to purchase, and weighing the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing a loan from the bank. Students collaborate as a team to make decisions about their company, create a company name and unique product, and develop a business plan to help secure funding for their company. Each student also learns to take on a leadership role within the team — being not only responsible as a company, but also taking ownership of the project. They use communication skills to share ideas with teammates, negotiate funding deals with both venture capitalists and bank loan officers, make critical business decisions, and to present their commercial and product to community members and other students at the Sales Events. Students have many ​opportunities to be creative, including in the design of their product, their company name, their marketing campaign, and in their overall sales strategy. As profits are donated to an agreed upon charity, students build both citizenship and character competencies as well.

In-Depth Inquiry

This project is not meant to be a quick, engaging way for students to learn basic business terminology. Instead, it is intended to be an extended investigation into what a successful business is and how they can create one. Students are encouraged to ask their own questions, find information, and create new and innovative solutions for the questions that they will naturally discover as they dig deeper into the process of starting a business. Students initially ask questions such as, “What are venture capitalists?”
and “How do I make the most money?” 
The Driving Question for this course may be crafted by the students and teacher working together after the Entry Event.  The question frames the students’ challenge, and is open-ended: there is no single “right answer” to the question of how to create a successful company with a unique product.​ 

Samples of Student Work!

BB Inc Website -
Wix Website

EarBuddies - 
on Twitter 

Cookie Balls - 
Selling Events
Candy Express -
Weebly Website

FYI  Eastview Business students give back to their community

Congratulations to Ms. Moraghan's 2014/2015 Grade 10 students who donated their profits of over $130.00 to the Canadian Cancer Society.  Thanks again to our school community and parents for all their support!